After an injury or surgery, an exercise rehabilitation program will help a person enjoy a more active, healthy lifestyle and to return to work as soon as possible.

Injury Prevention Plus specialises in exercise rehabilitation programs for clients who have suffered a physical injury at work.  

We also provide individualised work hardening programs, to increase the physical and positional tolerances of workers for their given duties, as well as exercise programs for work related mental health conditions. 

Our qualified Allied Health Providers deliver a variety of hydrotherapy, home and gym-based programmes that are customised to a client's specific requirements. These programs include simulation or duplication of the work tasks and functions of the job, in a healthy, safe and risk free environment. 

They are set up at a local health and fitness location that is best suited to the client and usually last one to three months.  

Injury Prevention Plus'  knowledge of how to manage work and non-work related injuries is exceptional. They have implemented strategies that have helped to reduce the number of manual handling injuries that occurred within the workplace.”   

Chelsea, Health and Safety, Rio Tinto

For Referrers

Injury Prevention Plus understands the Worker’s Compensation Scheme and has vast experience in getting employees back to work swiftly and safely.

For Insurers

Injury Prevention Plus’ programmes ensure workers get adequate supervision and recommendations for a healthy, cost effective and durable return to work.

For Individuals

Injury Prevention Plus exercise programmes are aimed at improving health and positive outcomes at work and provide assistance in dealing with insurance, employers and doctors.