As an insurer, minimising the cost and duration of Workers’ Compensation claims is crucial. Preventing new or recurring injuries is equally important.

At Injury Prevention Plus, we understand this and your need for a strategic partner able to recognise business drivers, service expectation and remuneration models. We have vast experience in getting individuals back to pre-injury work capacity as soon and as safely as possible.  

After your referral, we will complete a full and detailed medical assessment of the individual, including a visit to the workplace if required to ensure proper understanding of the job requirements.   

We will develop a tailor-made training programme, aimed at ensuring an early and enduring return to work by preventing and minimising re-injury. During the recovery process, we will provide you with regular progress reports, coordinated with all other medical providers involved.  

Our therapists are not only accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) but also experienced and specialised in Workers’ Compensation schemes and legislation. Skilled in medico-legal communication, they are the perfect intermediary between all stakeholders involved in getting injured workers back to work.  

We use Injury Prevention Plus to assess all our work and non-work related injuries. Their guidance and knowledge is invaluable for the health and wellbeing of employees.”

Brad, WA Group Health & Safety Manager, Sadleirs

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