As an employer, primary care provider or allied health professional you are looking for an efficient and professional partner to help you achieve a safe and early return to work of injured individuals.

Exercise rehabilitation is one of Injury Prevention Plus’ core services. We have abundant experience in returning people to functional capacity through our customised programmes. We provide professional advice and support in programmes for work-related injury, work hardening and work-related mental health conditions.  

At Injury Prevention Plus, we understand the needs of the patients that are referred to us. We discuss the pre-injury job requirements with the employer and will develop a programme complementary to any other ongoing treatments, coordinating with all health professionals involved. 

Our programmes usually combine exercise activities at home, at a health or fitness location best suited to the patient. We aim at assisting your patient or employee to regain movement and functionality whilst also educating on how to avoid re-injury.  

As we have a large network of resources among service providers in the Workers’ Compensation environment, we work to make the Workers’ Compensation process as time-efficient as possible for you. 

It is with enthusiasm that I write this email after having a chronic neck and upper back  injury for more than 3 years.  

Since working on my recovery with Anthony Walter as recommended by my doctor the improvement in my injury has been around 60-70% after having little to no movement in my neck before starting exercise program.  

I now exercise 3 times per day, am able to drive my car, do my own shopping, brush my own hair, cook and do light house work and I can finally see my own toes and will be starting a back to work program 3 days per week. 

I have no hesitation in saying that this is due to the professional and holistic  approach Anthony has taken to my injury in both hydrotherapy and gym exercise programs.  

There are no words that can express my gratitude to him for giving me a life and employment back which I thought would never happen."

Karen T. 

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