We use our head, heart, senses and body to achieve our promises to you:

Head  (Integrity, professionalism and reputation) 

  • We practice what we preach and we do what we say.
  • We uphold professional and ethical standards at all times.
  • We contribute actively to community.
  • We demonstrate personal traits that are trustworthy, genuine, tolerant, empathetic yet firm and neutral.
  • We all act and behave in the best interest of the business and our clients.

Heart (Passion and enthusiasm for injury prevention, health and safety)  

  • We act with and generate energy to inspire those around us.
  • We lead from the front and demonstrate willingness to assist others to achieve health and wellness.
  • We engage, educate and empower.

Senses (Embracing opportunities for continuous improvement) 

  • We seek to improve all facets of ourselves, our profession and our business.
  • We speak up if we see a way to improve how we do things.
  • We identify and generate business development opportunities.
  • We aim to integrate and optimise relationships with all stakeholders

Body (Internal cogs of our business and community) 

  • Each employee is an integral part of the business and a valuable component of our organisation.
  • We always take action where necessary.
  • We provide an excellent and valuable service to the community.
  • We are open to direction and support and do not take professional issues personally.
  • We appreciate each other on a personal level whilst maintaining professionalism and efficiency.
  • We strive for excellence, best practice and effectiveness and deliver our promises.